This is my crazy conspiracy theory/alien contact/future-of-the-net prediction.

It stands to reason that there are two possible scenarios for alien contact/invasion; one is that they are benevolent and they will establish Contact, the other is that they are ambitious and will Invade. If they are ambitious and meet us over half-way here, they will have the superior technology and destroy/enslave us.

If they are benevolent, how will they make Contact? The only way we can answer this question is by using the only logic known to us, human logic; put ourselves in their position and consider how we would make Contact with an alien civilization (providing we were benevolent and the superior race, technology wise).

We would not want to make contact with an alien-civilization until they achieved certain milestones, namely: Space travel capability, minimal internal conflict, and other technological minimums; basically a proficient 'global maturity'. For contact prior to this point would be futile. If they were not smart enough to avoid the destruction of their own race through rapid technological advancement, they obviously do not deserve the benevolent graces of our advanced civilization.

Now what is the best or most efficient way to ensure this minimum 'global maturity'? Is there any definitive threshold we can point to as a marker? A colony on the closest natural satellite? Nuclear fusion? Something as crude as a global capitalistic government? We can only guess what this milestone maybe, because if this argument holds true to itself, it is clear that we have not achieved this 'global maturity' yet, or we would have been Contacted already. And when I say 'Contact', I mean provable alien intelligence/technology known to the world. For that really is the first step, when the entire world accepts the Contact as real. Perhaps that is the time when we would make hypothetical Contact with a primitive alien civilization, when we felt that they could handle the significance of such an awesome possibility! So at what point is the human race capable of handling such a fact? Popular cinema has taken huge leaps and bounds to further us towards this goal.

But perhaps there is something a little more concrete we can put a finger on. What if there was a giant 'coming together' of this inferior alien civilization, which opened them up to a vast amount of knowledge. They began to grow more tolerant of each other and unified in a common goal to survive as a species and mature on a globally-conscious level. If they can achieve this network of ideas and strengthen the 'global community', they may be ready to handle the news of other species throughout the universe. So a safe bet would be to only make Contact with these aliens through their 'global community', have our 'global community' talk to theirs. This would ensure the cooperation necessary for such a monumental event, and not leave the decisions to just a few unstable individuals.

The nature of the message would have to be only receivable by the 'global community' and not by any individual so as to avoid unnecessary misinterpretations or other dangers. If the 'global community' can receive and decipher this message, then the alien civilization is mature enough to enter into our group of 'friendly', galactic, civilizations.

I put it to you that the Net is our 'global community'!

When the Net will be ready to receive this message or How it will interpret it, I can only speculate. But I shall say that the proliferation of the Net and the knowledge that flows through it, is the highest priority for survival of the human race!


God Engine:

Most people believe there are two separate but connected consciouses, the individual conscious (The self, I, Me) and the global conscious (Us, The Collective, Shared thoughs, some say God). They are paradoxically different and connected at the same time. An example; my individual conscious may say/think "I like the color blue." but the global conscious is not thinking this; you, more exactly, probably are not thinking this, right now. However, the global conscious may say "Many people can like the color blue, or, many people are liking the color blue right now." So there is some connection taking place. My conscious is not wholly unique, other consciouses can think similarly.

If the individual and global conscious can communicate more efficiently, than a self recurring feedback loop starts to manifest. As the individual conscious can 'upload' its thoughts/ideas to the global conscious more efficiently and quickly, than the global conscious can spread the idea to the rest of the individual consciouses more efficiently and quickly, thus sparking new thoughts and ideas in the individual more quickly which can be uploaded more quickly, and the loop feeds upon itself.

Once this feedback loop reaches a critical point, the individual conscious and the global conscious are exchanging information simultaneously, which means that they are one and the same. In other words:

You, the individual, achieve global consciousness.

What is the engine of this achievement? The neural network of the planet, the noosphere, commonly know as The Net. Thus: The God Engine . . .


The first virtual reality created which becomes indistinguishable from our own, will be the last virtual reality every created. At that moment all realities will be possible and humans will never leave them.


You’ll know we’ve found the first True AI when it thinks it’s better than we are.


when you cannot turn it off because it would be against the laws of humanity.


when is asks you not to turn it off.

Jason's Crazy Idea!: